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Families and Individual Donations

  1. Bob Brevard
  2. Roger Morgan
  3. Brian Ash
  4. Joe DeLoss
  5. Brian Kennedy
  6. Joseph Kreidler
  7. Bill Lamar
  8. Rick Patellos
  9. JP Preisinger
  10. Timothy Ross
  11. Josh Scheutzow
  12. Matt Vermillion
  13. Eric Navin
  14. David Keyser
  15. Nathan Fisher
  16. Alison Cherubini-Hillyer
  17. Roger Morgan
  18. Beverly Cherubini
  19. Michael Whaley
  20. Matt Crumbaker
  21. Bradley Thompson
  22. Clayton Costello
  23. Mark Grise
  24. Ryan Hughes
  25. Cameron Reagan
  26. Hunter Atwood
  27. Brandon Koval
  28. Dave Huff
  29. Chris Walker
  30. Stephen Smith
  31. Samir Patel
  32. Corbin Huffman
  33. Katherine Fisher
  34. Chase Cherubini
  35. Angel Quintero
  36. Nick Schriner
  37. Corey Ward
  38. Eli Burnside
  39. Jeffrey Irwin
  40. Matthew Chandler
  41. Timothy Ross
  42. Darren Stursa
  43. Alex James
  44. Max Walker
  45. Greg Miller
  46. Jeremiah Fox
  47. Darryl Beckett
  48. Nathan Underwood
  49. Eric Fisher
  50. Timothy Monk
  51. Blake Cherubini
  52. Menace Oum
  53. Jeff Meadows
  54. Kaleb Walker
  55. Drew McMillen
  56. Brian Dean
  57. Jason Sword
  58. Todd Hunsaker
  59. Jenny Tucker
  60. Michael Fellers
  61. Amelia Martin
  62. Aaron White
  63. Micah Greaver
  64. Kori Caughenbaugh
  65. Mark Ludwig
  66. Isaac Theodore
  67. Lance Comstock
  68. Nick Bowman
  69. Stephen Leiponis
  70. Hannah Brown
  71. Dave Stalling
  72. Chris Junk
  73. Blake Fisher
  74. Jes Colman
  75. Warren Anderson
  76. Justin Boyer
  77. Megan Seibyl
  78. Michael Kaldy
  79. Ronald Johnson II
  80. Andrew Pasternak


  1. Trek Bicycles
  2. The Energy Co-op
  3. Newark City
  4. Innovative Dirt Solutions
  5. The Licking County Foundation
  6. Licking County Parks
  7. The Evans Foundation
  8. A Carpenters Son Design Co.
  9. Edgar W. and Phyllis L. McCauley Fund
  10. Gilbert Reese Family Foundation
  11. Madison-Collins-Stevens Insurance Agency
  12. Park National Corp. Foundation - Newark
  13. Cleveland Public Adjusters/Andrew Kobak

Are you interested in donating to the Hill?

Horns Hill has quickly turned into the premier mountain bike trail system in Ohio. The trails are great, but the community is even better. That's what makes Horns Hill such a great place for everyone that gets to ride here.

Horns Hill started as the spot for locals to come and ride some super sketchy downhill. Seeing it turn into a destination for people from other states should tell everyone that we are doing something right. We need to keep it going until we're finished! (are we ever really done?)

From everyone involved with Horns Hill, Thank You for your donations, thank you for coming out and enjoying what we have worked so hard to accomplish!

**All the money will go directly to the city to distribute the funds.

"I donated because horns hill is an awesome place to ride!"

Eric Navin

"I want to ride here this year and many years after. There aren't any flow jump DH trails near me and this is among the closest for me to get to at about 4 1/2 hours away. I just want to see it grow and am inspired by all the progress I've seen in the past couple of years."

Jes Colman

"Love this place. It has made me a much better rider!"

Blake Fisher

"All hail the trail builders!"

Michael Fisher

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